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26 - 29. Května 2019

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About Us

    Frons company deals with consulting and assistance in the area of Informatin Technology (IT).
    We create a bridge between business owners, ecommerce operators
    and manufacturers or suppliers of ecommerce solutions in IT.

    We mediate communication between IT specialists (programmers, designers)
    and the general public or ordinary users.

    We provide tenders for companies and owners who are not IT professionals.
    We implement ecommerce systems together with logistics and accounting systems.
    We create a favorable climate for our customers in IT areas so that ordinary users
    and employees could work efficiently, did not waste time, and did not panic.

    To business owners we bring innovations in computer processes, as well as acceleration and
    refinement of work processes.

    We cover proven suppliers for ecommerce solutions, logistics and analytics.
    Especially working with data is currently as important as production and manufacturing.
    Because without the perfect and fast analysis of most processes, companies are not able to
    withstand today's competitive market.