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Ecommerce analysis

    We are the world leader in internet marketing in Central Europe.
    Each of the marketing areas in the PROFICIO team is in charge of a fully committed and dedicated specialist.
    We have built our work on communication and openness.
    We provide Internet marketing within Europe with high efficiency.

    We helping you define how and what to measure and how to use it.
    Are your digital marketing goals driven by data; or just a shot in the dark? Either way, we can help you gather the qualitative and quantitative data you need to make better decisions.

    Analytics Consulting Services
    Are you looking for strategic business analytics consulting? From data management to analytics governance, we support leaders to EVOLVE their organizations.

    • Strategy
    • Analytics Maturity Assessments
    • Measurement Strategy
    • Analytics Audits
    • Measurement for Success (Goal/KPI) Workshops
    • Optimization
    • Analysis & Insights
    • Marketing Campaign Performance Analysis
    • Content Performance Audits
    • Attribution Modeling
    • Testing and Personalization
    • Implementation
    • Implementation
    • Data Management
    • Tag Management
    • Data Integration & Management
    • Reporting Automation
    • Dashboards
    • Data Visualizations
    • Training

    We are GOOGLE certified agency